Peiran Si ’20, MSVS ’22 Earns Best College of Optometry MS in Vision Science Research Award

Peiran Si ’20, MSVS ’22 earned the Pacific University 2022 Best MS in Vision Science Research Award. Si shares the College of Optometry award with Rebecca Felde OD ’22.

The research award honors students in the master of science vision science program engaged in advanced study and research in the visual system.

Peiran Si wins optometry awards.Si is among the first cohort of students to graduate with a bachelor of applied vision science from Pacific in August 2020.

The College of Optometry prepares tomorrow’s doctors of optometry, while also serving the vision needs of the local community and advancing research in the ophthalmic industry. The college offers bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs in vision science, as well as a doctor of optometry degree.

Friday, July 22, 2022