Pharmacy Faculty Members publish study on Integration of Mentored Self-Directed Learning

Congratulations to School of Pharmacy faculty members Marina Suzuki, Ryan Gibbard, Danielle Backus, and Kris Marcus for their publication, Integration of mentored self-directed learning (MSDL) through both group and individual presentations in an accelerated modified block program, released in April in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

From the abstract:

Background and Purpose

Project aim was to examine the feasibility and logistics of mentored self-directed learning (MSDL) through group and individual presentations in an accelerated & modified block curriculum. Perspectives of students and faculty members toward the incorporation of MSDL were also explored.

Educational Activity and Setting

During a two-week pharmacotherapy block, students made group presentations requiring two elements: a case presentation on curricular content (Element-1) and an inclusion of “novel” information students did not receive didactically (Element-2). Curricular content for Element-1 stemmed from a pharmacotherapy course on gastroenterology and nutrition, and individual presentations were scheduled during a semester-long skill-based course. Surveys on student perspectives were conducted at baseline, after group presentations, and after individual presentations. Faculty members also provided feedback and evaluations.

May. 22, 2018