Professor Coplen Tells Oregon Public Broadcasting Audience How Pacific is Working to Improve Access to Dental Care

Pacific dental hygienistOregon lawmakers are considering rules that would create a new class of dental care providers called dental therapists. It's part of an effort to provide dental services to residents who live in rural areas and others who don't have easy access to dental care.

Pacific University is in the forefront of the statewide conversation because it has launched a pilot program to train dental therapists. Professor Amy Coplen, who heads the School of Dental Hygiene Studies, which oversees the dental therapy pilot, spoke to Oregon Public Broadcasting host Dave Miller this week on the popular midday show "Think Out Loud."

In the conversation, Professor Coplen said the pilot is an effort to "make a dent in this access to care crisis we are facing for Oregonians and across the country."

Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020