Recent Vehicle Theft on Forest Grove Campus Serves As Reminder to Be Alert 

A recent vehicle theft on the Forest Grove Campus serves as a reminder to students, employees and visitors to secure their private property, including their vehicles.

On Monday, March 4, a Suburu Legacy was reported stolen from K Lot. According to Forest Grove Police, the perpetrators sat in the vehicle with the brake lights illuminated for nearly 45 minutes before driving away. The vehicle had previously been broken into with the intent to steal in January. The police have indicated that there have been multiple thefts of Subaru vehicles in the area recently. 

Campus Public Safety reminds all university community members to keep your vehicles locked when unattended and check them regularly if they are parked for a significant duration of time (e.g. more than 24 hours).

If at any time you see something that does not look right or someone who does not seem to belong on campus, call Campus Public Safety immediately (503-352-2230).

CPS has additional resources for students and employees to ensure their personal safety and protect their valuables. For more information, please visit the CPS webpage.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019