Robbie Pock MFA ’10 Earns Provost's Junior Faculty Award for Teaching

Robbie Pock MFA ’10 has received the Pacific University Provost's Junior Faculty Award for Teaching.

Pock is part of the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation (CETCI) team in the Pacific University Libraries. She writes the CETCI Blog and Newsletter and focuses on student and faculty support Robbie Pock MFA '10 & Pres. Hallick and faculty development. An instructional designer with Pacific’s Libraries, she joined the university in 2010.

Her colleagues note that she creates engaging learning environments that provide faculty with the skills to incorporate effective evidence-based methods into their teaching, such as a six-month faculty learning community on transparent teaching and a workshop on trauma-informed pedagogy.

Pock was an essential team member in CETCI’s pandemic work, creating video tips and workshops about online teaching and learning. Her work is dedicated to supporting first-generation and at-risk college students.

Friday, May 13, 2022