Roofing, Drywall Coming Soon to New Residence Hall

Pacific University’s newest residence hall is taking shape quickly, with plans to open for Fall 2014.

Windows are being installed in the four-story residence hall, which will serve about 200 students. Metal roofing, meanwhile, will begin next week.

Inside the building, crews will begin putting up drywall the first week of February.

The outside of the building soon will begin to look at little more like Pacific University, as brick facing is added beginning in the middle of February.

The giant crane, which has helped move building materials from delivery trucks to the construction sites, is set to be removed by Valentine’s Day as work moves inside the building.

Pacific University broke ground on its newest residence hall at Homecoming in October 2013. The hall will serve the university’s growing student population, which exceeded 3,600 students on four campuses this year. It also will continue to support Pacific’s commitment to sustainability, as the university seeks LEED Gold certification for the facility’s environmental efficiency.

The residence hall was designed in partnership with the Inici Group and Mahlum Architects and is being built by Walsh Construction. It is the third residence hall to be added to the Forest Grove Campus since 2006.

Jan. 24, 2014