Ruth Zúñiga Earns Diversity & Justice Award

Ruth ZúñigaRuth Zúñiga has received the 2021 University Diversity and Justice Award at Pacific University.

Zúñiga is an associate professor in the School of Graduate Psychology, where she developed the Sabiduría emphasis, providing specialized training to master’s and doctoral psychology students in Latinx mental health, cultural models and community focused research. Through Sabiduría, she works with students and community partners to provide and expand outreach programs for Latinx communities across Oregon and beyond. That work has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, with online resources reaching thousands of individuals across the world through online Charlas (conversations) led by students and promotores (community health workers).

She also provides supervision of mental health services for Spanish-speaking clients in the Pacific Psychology and Comprehensive Health Clinics and prepares students to provide culturally responsive services to Latinx and other marginalized populations.

The University Diversity and Justice Award recognizes a faculty or staff member whose work creates a diverse and sustainable community inspiring students to pursue justice.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021