Samantha Calkins '22 Named Outstanding Senior in the Arts

Sammie Calkins '22Samantha Calkins '22 was named Outstanding Senior in the Arts at Pacific University's 2022 Undergraduate Awards Ceremony.

"Sammie's enduring passion for musical theatre and her dedication to hard work with musicians, actors, and stage crew makes her a perfect candidate for this award," said Professor Dijana Ihas. "I recently attended one of her musical performances and not for a moment did I feel like I was watching a play directed by a college student. In her role as the director of this musical, Sammie took care of every possible detail from singing to acting to organizing the stage. She is so gifted and willing to work hard! Sammie is finishing her Bachelor in Music Education degree and will soon be teaching music in public schools. I am already very excited for her future students as they will have the joy of working with Sam and enjoying the benefits of her talent and hard work in the decades to come."

Monday, May 23, 2022