The School of Physical Therapy presents at the OPTA Annual Conference

On March 11, the Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) had its Annual Conference in Clackamas and our program was well represented by core and adjunct faculty, students from all three classes, and alumni. After the opening keynote by the CEO of the American Physical Therapy Association, Dr. Justin Moore, PT, DPT, attendees were able to choose from a variety of breakout sessions. All program proposals were selected using a peer-reviewed process.   

Core faculty member, Dr. Jeremy Hilliard, PT, DPT, presented on “Shaping Clinical Learning: Beginning at the End”. His presentation provided a framework within which clinical instructors and center coordinators of clinical education can structure clinical learning experiences for students to optimize the learning experience and reduce frustrations due to miscommunication or unknown expectations. Dr. Hilliard is our Director of Clinical Education, coordinates clinical internships, and teaches the Foundations of Physical Therapy Professions courses. 

Core faculty member, Dr. Rebecca Reisch, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS presented on “Mommy Wellness: Pilot study on an inter-professional community-based program for improving maternal health” with alumna Dr. Gina Clark, PT, DPT (‘13), Doctor of Occupational Therapy Student Nancy Wong (‘17), and other colleagues. Their poster presents promising pilot work on Mommy Wellness, which is an inter-disciplinary program started by Mid-Columbia Medical Center to improve community access to maternal health education. Dr. Clark currently works at Mid-Columbia Medical Center. Dr. Reisch leads the evidence-based practice and applied statistics curriculum in our program. 

Adjunct faculty member, Dr. Sukhee So, PT, DPT, presented on “Millennials – Working as One, Working with One, and Working for One” with several of her fellow millennial colleagues including alumna Dr. Leigh Reece (‘10).  Their presentation discussed the key characteristics of millennials, interactions with millennials, and career and leadership aspirations of millennials. Dr. So assists in laboratories for Neuromuscular System: Examination and Intervention (DPT-612) in the fall and Adult Neuromuscular System: Examination and Intervention (DPT-613) in the spring. Dr. Reece currently works at The Portland Clinic. 

Adjunct faculty members, Dr. Erin Bompiani, PT, DPT, PCS, and Katie Stribling, PT, DPT presented on Knowledge Translation: Part I - Prevention & Prediction and Part II - Plasticity & Participation.  Their presentations summarized meetings between the Academies of Neurologic and Pediatric Physical Therapy (STEP Conferences) where the theme was collaboration from a lifespan perspective. They both assist in laboratories for Pediatric Neuromuscular System: Examination & Interventions (DPT-685) in the fall.

Alumnus Dr. Tyler Cuddeford, PT, PhD (‘92) presented on “Medical Home: Experiences Integrating a Collaborative MD/PT Primary Care Model” with his colleagues. They discussed a novel MD/PT primary care model and evidence to support its efficacy. Dr. Cuddeford is the Director of the Physical Therapy Program at George Fox University.

Apr. 5, 2017