Seeing Pacific from Abroad, Part 1

The first thing that struck Robin Huguenot-Noël about the United States was how big everything was.

“When I arrived in San Francisco, everything was so huge, huge, just huge,” said the native of France, his arms spread wide.

“Nature was so huge … everywhere, so huge. The cars are huge, the buses are huge, the houses in San Francisco are huge, and so I thought, ‘Maybe it’s because the nature in America is so impressive that everything needs to be like human answers to nature’s hugeness.”

Hugoenot-Noël is one of five foreign language assistants at Pacific University who work on the Forest Grove Campus teaching French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese to undergraduate students. Three of the five — him, Anna Heggenberger of Germany and Yu-Chun Hung of Taiwan — are here on Fulbright grants through the Institute of International Education. Lucas González Cebolla of Spain and Anna Murakoshi of Japan, are here through other cooperative agreements.

They share their impressions of the United States and of Pacific University in a five-part series.

Monday, May 13, 2013