Sharing Hope and Hopelessness Through Stories

Pacific Community,

We as students of the Pacific University Undergraduate Research Scholarship Creative Inquiry Summer Institute (URSCI) are organizing a new project in hopes of facilitating a stronger community through the power of sharing stories. Story sharing is powerful because not only does it provide a platform to be heard, but someone out there listening may be able to relate and Flower in turn no longer feel alone in their struggles.

Our ultimate goal with this project is to both foster feelings of hope as well as acknowledge the hopelessness we are bound to feel as people at various times in our lives. Hope is a powerful tool to motivate, but there is also beauty in the vulnerability that comes along with acknowledging our struggles in life. We would love if you would share your stories with us, anonymously or not. These stories will be printed out and placed in an envelope (titled by your choice, or left blank) within our community shared box, which will be located on Pacific University’s Forest Grove campus. At this box, others are able to take something for themselves, as well as leave something behind if they want to.

This submission form is a way to participate virtually with this project. We would love to have your stories heard if you would like to share them. If you have any questions, contact Charlie Hutson at

Thank you for listening,

Majestik De Luz '23
May Von Der Kammer '22
Jennifer Cruz Hernandez '22
Charlie Hutson '22

Tuesday, June 8, 2021