SMC Presents Men of Color Discussions

Join the Student Multicultural Center, in partnership with other Pacific University centers, for Men of Color programming in January.

The goal of these sessions is to help male-identifying students of color understand where they can find support, guidance and resources. This safe space will foster deep and meaningful dialogues and provide a place to share common experiences.

Machismo | Masculinity Ideals on Latinx Individuals & Families
8 a.m. | Friday, Jan. 22
SGP Sabiduría Cafecito Hour in collaboration with Men of Color
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Sabiduría SGP students are hosting a platica (talk) to engage the Pacific University community in discussion surrounding some of the issues that Men of Color face. This Cafecito will include a presentation about Latinx masculinity, or machismo, and the effects, both positive and negative, it has on Latinx men and their families. 

Help Seeking and  College Men: A Multicultural Exploration
11:30 a.m. | Monday, Jan. 25
Christopher S. Reigeluth, PhD
Assistant Professor | School of Graduate Psychology
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Dr. Christopher Reigeluth directs the Masculinities and Mental Health Research Group and is also developing programming on healthier gender development in boys and empowerment-based approaches for working with marginalized males in therapy.

Resistance and Resilience
11:30 a.m. | Thursday, Jan. 28
Gabriel Antonio Higuera
Instructor | Portland Community College
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Gabriel Antonio Higuera teaches Ethnic Studies at Portland Community College. For 20 years, Gabriel has been teaching and learning more about ethnicity, identity, and continues to participate in the struggle for justice in the United States.

For more information on these presentations, contact Jean Garcia-Chitwood, SMC director, at

Read more on the topic of masculinity, race and culture in the recommended reading guide from Pacific University Libraries.

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021