So You Got the Interview, Now What?

Your resume landed you a job interview, so now what? These tips will help you understand what to prepare and how to succeed. 

1. When you are offered an interview, ask what to expect.

Ask who you will meet with and document their name(s). Ask how long the interview will last and how long it takes to park at the interview location. 

2. After you schedule the interview, practice! 

You should have already researched and have responses for common interview questions. Be ready to speak about your skills and experiences, and expect plenty of questions.

3. Research the organization’s website and other sources.

Read every word on their website and find other sources. 

4. Develop a list of questions to ask at the interview.

Usually interviewers ask whether you have any questions at the conclusion of the interview. Be prepared for by bringing your list of questions to the interview.

5. Consider your attire carefully. 

It is possible to overdress, but for most office positions it cannot hurt to wear a blazer. 

6. Be on time! 

Arriving one or two minutes early shows you’re punctual. Arriving 15 or 20 minutes early will make your interviewer feel rushed and possibly uncomfortable.

7. During your interview, ensure you’ve answered the questions and don’t be afraid to have a question repeated.

Sometimes you may forget the question mid-way through your answer — don’t panic! Simply wrap up your response and then graciously acknowledge you may not have addressed the question.

8. Ask questions.

Indicate you did your research by framing your questions with a statement, i.e. “I noticed you have multiple locations—how do employees at these locations communicate effectively?” 

9. Don’t overshare personal information.

Be prepared to share some small information like what you do for fun or where you’re from. 

10. Take down the names of everyone you meet and send hand-written thank you notes by postal mail after the interview. 

Prepare and stamp envelopes in advance. After the interview find a place to write the note and mail it. Send individual notes to everyone you met — including the receptionist. Make your note specific to something they said or did. 

11. If your references are called as part of the process, send them a nice thank you note.

Let them know you appreciate them since they may be part of the reason you get the job!

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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018