So You Got the Job, Now What?

Try out these tips in the workplace once you start your new job to to set a professional tone with co-workers and anyone with whom you wish to grow a professional relationship.

1. Dress for your audience.

Be sure your clothes make the impression you want. Take cues on how to dress from leaders at your workplace. 

2. Turn off the cell phone.

Don’t use your phone during meetings, focus on the discussion. 

3. Be on time.

Everyone is busy, being punctual shows others that you value their time. 

4. Don't surprise your boss.

Avoid dropping new information in a group meeting or mass email.

5. Go the extra mile.

Forget the phrase, "that's not my job." If you can help out, do it!

6. Ask questions.

The more you know, the more you know, the better you'll be able to make yourself an invaluable part of the team. 

7. When in doubt, make introductions.

Always introduce people when the opportunity arises, unless you know they are already acquainted. It makes people feel valued, regardless of their status or position. 

8. Offer a handshake.

This simple gesture demonstrates that you’re polite, confident and approachable.

9. Accept a business card.

Take a moment to read the card and comment on it. 

10. Show genuine interest.

Keep eye contact and make an effort to listen. Resist the lure of distraction and haste; ask questions and show interest. 

11. Send a handwritten thank you note within 1-2 days of receiving a gift or attending a function. 

Sending a thank you email is perfectly acceptable, but a handwritten note is always a nice touch.

We have gathered advice from professors, alumni and more to help you answer the age-old question: now what? Read more of these tips to help navigate the important next steps in your personal or professional life at
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018