So You Have a Video Interview, Now What?

Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming more common every day. These tips from experienced alumni can help you prepare.

1. Test your process and set-up before you go into the interview.

Joe Schmelzer ’92 says you should make sure your camera is working and you look good on it. Andrea (Bickel) Happel ’94 recommends checking your lighting beforehand as well.

2. The backdrop and your attire are important.

Dan Cleveland ’03 suggests you should consider your backdrop when on camera. Employers will notice if you have a mound of dishes or piles of clothes in view of the camera. Dressing up for your interview is important to make a good first impression. 

3. Look at the camera, not at the person.

Kara Lanning ’07 advises to look at the camera to give the illusion you’re looking directly at the interviewer. 

4. Agree in advance how dropped calls should be handled.

Keith Barger, MAT ’07 says you should be prepared to have your connection drop and have an agreed upon plan with the interviewer. 

5. Speak into the microphone.

Andrea (Bickel) Happel ’94 advises against shifting in your chair, or moving your head from side to side, the microphone might not pick up everything you have to say. 

6. Consider your environment. 

Jon Payne ’93 says to use a room that is quiet, no kids, spouse, roommates or pets allowed. Avoid public locations with free Wi-Fi. They may not have enough bandwidth to support video.

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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018