Story by Timothy O'Leary MFA '15, Published in Moon Magazine

Timothy O'Leary MFA '15, whose short story collection "Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face" was published last year, has a new story, "Homeless Gary Busey," in Moon Magazine.

An excerpt:

"That night he Ubered home. He had a strong craving for alcohol, but since he’d been sober for the last four years, opted for cranberry and club soda. He was sitting on his tiny deck firing up his Hibachi when he heard the commotion.

'I see you,' Homeless Gary yelled from the street. 'I told you I know where you live. I hope you plan to bring me my Egg McMuffin tomorrow, or there will be hell to pay.'"

O'Leary lives in Portland.


Monday, Aug. 12, 2019