Strong School of Pharmacy Representation at AACP Conference

The annual American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy conference in Boston was a successful event for all of us at Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

Four School of Pharmacy students, under the leadership of faculty member Maddie Fry, were awarded on stage for the 2018 National Consumers League Script Your Future Medication Adherence. We are very proud of Maddie's and students' achievement represented by this national award. These students, pictured below, are:

  • Karina Martinez ('19)
  • Kayla Polman ('19)
  • Kaitlyn Pinner ('19)
  • Phuong Truong ('19)

Script Your Future team at AACP

Faculty members Nicola Carter and Ryan Gibbard were recognized as our School’s AACP Teacher of the Year.

Eight posters were presented by faculty and students:

  • Nicola S. Carter, Systems-Level Analyses to Elucidate Key Tress Response Candidates (Pictured Below)

Nicola Carter & poster at AACP

  • The Loyalty of LEO's: Nurturing Student and Preceptor Relationships ( Pictured Below)
    • Anita Cleven, PharmD (Right)
    • Huy Hoang, PharmD (Middle)

Anita Cleven & Huy Hoang poster at AACP

  • Ian Doyle
  • Modulation of Arachidonic Acid Metabolism in the Rat Kidney 
    • Fawzy Elbarbry (Pictured Below)

Fawzy Elbarbry poster at AACP

  • Sigrid Roberts
  • Integrating Pharmaceutics with Medication Safety
    • Joe Su, PhD. (Pictured Below)

Joe Su poster at AACP

  • Modulation of Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Cells Using Natural Products
    • Karen Seo ('19), (Pictured Below)

Karen Seo poster at AACP

Faculty member Fawzy Elbarbry and Assistant Dean for Pharmaceutical Science Sigrid Roberts delivered two roundtable presentations, and faculty member Danielle Backus presented a student learning presentation.

Sigrid Roberts graduated from a year-long leadership training, ALFP.

15 faculty and staff attended the conference:

  • Rita Barton
  • Danielle Backus
  • Andrew Bzowyckyj
  • Nicola Carter
  • Anita Cleven
  • Ian Doyle
  • Fawzy Elbarbry
  • Mike Espiritu
  • Sarah Jane Faro
  • Melanie Foeppel
  • Huy Hoang
  • Brandon Nuziale
  • Sigrid Roberts
  • Joe Su

In addition, for the first time in our School’s history, five students attended the annual AACP conference:

  • Karina Martinez ('19)
  • Kayla Polman ('19)
  • Kaitlyn Pinner ('19)
  • Karen Seo ('19)
  • Phuong Truong ('19)

Kayla Polman, Kaitlyn Pinner, and Karina Martinez at AACP

Thank you all very much for representing our School so well and sharing your findings and expertise with your colleagues in this national conference.

SOP family at AACP

Aug. 2, 2018