Student Conduct Updates Now in Effect

In April 2014, the Office of Student Conduct proposed several langauge revisions to the Appeals section of the Student Code of Conduct. These revisions were approved through the University Council governance system and went into effect in June 2014. A summary of these changes are below:

  • Added clarification to explain that a student can only appeal a hearing decision if the student was found in violation of a policy, if the student attended the hearing (the Conduct Advisor may grant an exception at his/her discretion), an submitted an appeal that reasonably makes a case based on one or more of the appeal criteria. This revision better explains our practices.
  • Explained that an appeal will also involve a conversation with the student appealing, should he or she choose to meet with the Conduct Board in charge of the appeal. This revision better explains our practices.
  • Revised appeals ground "A" (regarding procedural error) to state the policy in more basic language for all students to understand.
  • Provided a clearer course of action for the Conduct Board and Office of Student Conduct to take should a student appeal on more than one grounds. New protocol streamlines the process so that the matter is resolved for the student more swiftly.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014