Student Counseling Center Encourages Mental Well-Being Over Summer


As students finish their last exams and pack up their study materials, what is next? Many students have been dreaming of finally getting to relax and rest after so much intense mental stimulation and stress. Oftentimes students indulge in sleeping, binge watching tv and generally checking out. After a while they may notice that they’re not feeling so great. Some mind-numbing activities may feel good in small amounts, but more is not necessarily better. As a result, one can end up feeling tired, apathetic, grumpy, bored, snappy, or dissatisfied. 

What to do? It can be helpful to consider ways to spend time that are renewing and refilling. First, consider a return to the basics of wellness: reach out to friends, spend time outside, get adequate sleep (7-9 hours per night), eat a variety of whole foods and move your body. Second, take time each day to engage in meaningful activities that bring joy — it may be rock climbing, yoga, painting, writing poetry, volunteering, cooking, photography, gardening, surfing, hiking, swimming, whittling, or sudoku. Still stumped? Check out this list of fun activities to try out. Download a new app or watch a tutorial to learn a skill like meditating, challenging negative thoughts, or embracing self-compassion. Listen to an engaging podcast or read up on mental health topics for further ideas. 

If students find themselves in need of more support, the SCC 24/7 Support & Crisis Line is available to all students regardless of location at 503-352-2999. For students living in Oregon, they can contact the SCC directly for an appointment; virtual walk-in will still be available at noon Monday through Thursday over the summer. For students who have Aetna student health insurance, check out Aetna’s telehealth options and Aetna’s wellness app. Many therapists are opening their doors again to vaccinated individuals. Use this guide for help in finding local mental health providers available through other health insurance companies.

The SCC wishes all Pacific students a renewing and fulfilling summer!


Friday, April 30, 2021