Student Support | Wellness Resource Guide

This situation affects everyone (a little or a lot) differently.

Refer Struggling Students to Campus Resources

College can be an extremely stressful and uncertain time for students. Pair that general uncertainty with the Coronavirus outbreak, and it's a recipe for even greater stress and uncertainty. You are not alone in your care for students. If you notice that a student is exhibiting what appears to be unhealthy behavior and you would like support, please seek assistance or report the situation with a CARE REPORT.

Establish and Follow Communication Guidelines

Help create a situation that your students can count on and easily navigate. Be specific about communication mechanisms and class expectations. Make it easy for students to follow through. Keeping class aspects predictable will help students succeed and contribute to supporting mental health.

Lead by Example

Reactions to the Coronavirus situation can vary. In order to maintain a sense of normalcy for your students, take extra care to lead by example with calm, understanding, compassion, kindness, and support. You may be one of only a handful of people students are in direct contact with on a regular basis. Uncertainty and stress can feel overwhelming. Give your students the gift of wellness in your class - no matter what subject you teach.

Friday, April 17, 2020