Students and Employees Invited to Join Queer & Trans Mentorship Program

The Center for Gender Equity at Pacific University is proud to offer a new Queer & Trans mentorship program for LGBTQ+ students attending Pacific University.

The Queer & Trans Mentorship Program (QTMP) aims at providing LGBTQ+ students with the holistic tools they need to achieve their personal, professional and academic goaQueer & Trans Mentorship program logols resulting in student retention and graduation. Mentors support mentees through many facets of LGBTQ+ identity development as well as student and professional development.

Mentors serve as positive and professional role models who provide resources and information as needed. While mentors are typically LGBTQ+ Pacific University staff and faculty, exceptions can made for community members if a student is in need of a mentor with a specific skill set, professional background or lived experience.

Students, staff and faculty from the Pacific community are welcome to participate in the QT Mentorship Program, but most trainings and socials will take place at the Forest Grove Campus where the program is based.

Goals of the Queer and Trans Mentorship Program:

  • To foster mentoring relationships between students and faculty/staff
  • To assist in retaining LGBTQ+ students so that they persist to graduation
  • To provide support for students who are in the process of coming out, or who feel they are currently unable to come out in their respective fields of study
  • To expose students to the diverse professional lives and opportunities of Queer and Trans members of Pacific University and broader Oregon community
  • To provide helpful resources to students as they explore issues related to professional development
  • To help connect students to the larger LGBTQ+ community, both at Pacific and the greater Portland area
  • To increase visibility of Queer and Trans professionals at Pacific University

Apply to become a QT Mentee

Apply to become a QT Mentor

Visit the Center for Gender Equity for more information, or email V Martin, CGE director, at


Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022