Students and Faculty Participate in PT Day of Service 2020

As part of physical therapy day of service 2020, our students and faculty volunteered with two different organizations, Heritage Farms and Victory Academy. Heritage Farms is a farm in Vancouver, Wash. that donates all of its produce to a local food bank. Pacific students and faculty harvested and sorted vegetables that will be taken to the Clark County Food Bank. Victory Academy is a school for children with autism in Sherwood, Ore. Pacific students and faculty landscaped and created two raised garden beds for the children to plant and harvest their own vegetables. It was great to serve the community, especially during these unprecedented times.

Heritage Farms Photos:

Heritage Farms Image 1

Heritage Farms Image 2

Victory Academy Photos:

Victory Academy Image 1

Victory Academy Image 2

Victory Academy Image 3

Victory Academy Image 4

Monday, Nov. 30, 2020