Take the Fall 2022 Pledge | Pacific Votes!

Pacific University's Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement provides support to all Boxers to ensure you have the information needed to vote with confidence. Pacific Votes! is a non-partisan program which targets three stages of voter engagement — registration, education and turnout. 

Are you ready to cast your ballot? The 2022 midterm election takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and no matter which state you vote in, there are important measures or referendums and candidates to cast ballots for.

Get started with the Pacific Votes! Fall 2022 Pledge! Pledge participants will receive a weekly email with links to resources to ensure your registration is up-to-date, you have a firm plan to return your ballot in time, and you have the resources you need to make voting decisions with confidence. A prize drawing will happen every Friday until Oct. 28. Pledge early for your best chance to win!

MCCE is nonpartisan and seeks to uphold the university mission to work toward a diverse and sustainable community in which students "think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world." Our program will never tell you how to vote but is dedicated to making sure every member of our community feels empowered to participate in this fundamental right.

Questions? Visit Pacific Votes! for voting specifics or email the McCall Center for one-on-one support!

Pacific Votes! Fall 2022 Pledge

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022