Take Steps to Prevent Bicycle and Scooter Theft

Since February 1, Campus Public Safety has received multiple reports concerning the theft of bicycles and scooters parked in various bicycle racks on the Forest Grove Campus.

These bicycles and scooters were parked in bicycle racks at Washburn Hall, Cascade Hall south (Price side), Price Hall and the carbon neutral rack by Tran Library.

If you find that your bicycle or scooter has been stolen, immediately report this information to CPS and the Police. If you see suspicious people in or around bicycle racks or something does not seem right, call CPS at 503-352-2230 immediately.

CPS has increased patrols around bicycle racks areas in response to these crimes. While the University is not responsible for your bicycle or scooter, there are steps you can take to help mitigate these kinds of crime:

  • Always lock up: it may seem silly to lock your bicycle or scooter every time you park and walk away from them, but taking a few seconds to do it can save you from weeks of headaches and paperwork.
  • Grab your keys: Leaving your keys in the ignition of your electric bicycle or scooter may prove too tempting for some people. Same for leaving your keys in the locks.
  • Follow the light: Parking in well lit areas is safer for you and your bicycle or scooter. Since light makes it easier for thieves to be spotted and identified, odds are they’ll be less likely to choose your bicycle or scooter as a target.
  • If possible, use a u-lock or chain, cable lock with a lock that has a key. Combo locks are very easy to unlock.
  • Check on your bicycle or scooter. Make sure that you are checking on your bicycle or scooter on a regular basis, even if you are not frequently using the bicycle or scooter.
Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024