Talking to Kids About COVID-19

Knowing your children are well can help you be well.


Communicate that anxiety and uncertainty is completely normal.

Ask questions

Talk to children about what they know about the situation. This will depend on the child's age and exposure to outside contacts. Help adjust any misconceptions, and talk about accurate information. Revisit these ideas regularly.


Limit screen time and media consumption.

Lead by example

Display calm. Take safety precautions. Support your own health and well-being.

Support calm

Encourage quiet time. Explore age-appropriate stress reduction techniques and do them with your children. It'll build bonds and wellness.


Children are often at the mercy of their surroundings. This unusual situation can add an extra layer of insecurity. Give children tasks that they can control.

Set and follow a schedule

In general, consistency is important for children. Structure can provide a sense of security when circumstances are unpredictable.

Give back

Explore projects and opportunities to help others and/or your community.

Thursday, April 16, 2020