Tash Stuart-Shuman '22 Receives Mary Fehrs Award for Gender and Sexuality Studies

Stuart-ShumanTash Stuart-Shuman '22 was awarded the Mary Fehrs Award for Gender and Sexuality Studies at Pacific University's 2022 Undergraduate Awards Ceremony.

Stuart-Shuman "lives the inherent activism, candor, humor, and resilience that are hallmarks of this vital study," said V Martin, director of the Center for Gender Equity. "She has studied and served across the university while upholding and demonstrating the ethics inherent and necessary to our work. Her research on local and global access to reproductive healthcare and abortion brings attention to social and cultural barriers that unfairly block routine health care. Tash endeavors to then interpret these barriers intersectionally and queerly."

Martin said Stuart-Shuman is "an esteemed presenter, recently lecturing in an Introduction to Gender and Sexuality course to an enthusiastic and engaged student audience." 

Monday, May 23, 2022