Teaching Online | Wellness Resource Guide

This is a new adventure- on so many levels -for you and your student.

Offer Flexibility

This is an uncertain time for everyone. Not only may this not be ideal for you, it is not ideal for your students. Some may no longer be living near campus. Some may have children or loved ones to support throughout the day. Understand that there are a number of competing priorities, and your students are trying to learn in unpredictable circumstances. Try to be flexible with your expectations of self and your expectations of others.

Set Processes

Be clear about processes, requirements, and ideal means of communication. Make it easy for yourself and your students to succeed in this new normal.

Expect the Unexpected

This process may not always go smoothly. Everyone is doing the best that they can with varying levels of pressure, stress, and situations outside of work and school. Hope for the best, and know that this situation is temporary. Lead by example, and do your best to make this process as beneficial and enjoyable as possible. Remember that your leadership may be one of the most secure things a student can experience right now.

Stay Connected to Colleagues

You are not in this alone. Take time to talk with co-workers and fellow employees throughout the university. Everyone is going through this with you, and you are going through it with them. This is an opportunity to strengthen your bonds and relationships.

Friday, April 17, 2020