Through a Musician's Eye | Photographs by Scott Tuomi at the Cawein Gallery

Exhibition Statement:

This show is dedicated to Photography Professor Jim Flory (1948-2023)

My love of photography came from my dad. Here he is--Larry Tuomi--in 1956 in his bedroom, taking what I affectionately like to believe is the world’s first “selfie.” 

black and white photo of a man looking in a mirror

 I remember him always having his trusty Argus C-3 with him wherever we went.  Family gatherings often featured “slide shows” in front of a home projection screen with images delivered via a Kodak projector. I always loved his photos, which were often far more than just recording family events. My dad was an artist at heart and it rubbed off.  I still have his camera in my office at home. 

When I was in the 8th  grade, my parents bought me my first camera: a Russian- made Zenit-B.  I loved it! I took a photography class, and started purchasing photographic equipment with money earned from mowing lawns and odd jobs. I purchased an enlarger, chemicals and development tanks and quickly ensconced myself in our extra bathroom, where I practiced basic black and white development. I still have that enlarger and the contact sheet box my grandfather made to create his own family Christmas cards. My parents were incredibly tolerant and supportive.  Those chemicals stink! I entered the photography contest at the Clackamas County fair and won a prize as a young photographer with a home developed, printed and mounted black and white photograph of our dog, Daisy.

My high school and undergraduate years were filled with as much photography as I could fit it into a growing musical life. I taught photography to elementary school students through 4-H and served as a student photographer at the Oregon State Fair. Several of my friends were also budding photographers and musicians. Although music took over my life, I never lost my love of photography!  My college graduation present was a wonderful Konica SLR to take on tour to Europe the summer of my graduation. I used that camera with great enthusiasm!

My life as a husband and father only intensified my desire to photograph.  Our home is filled with boxes of film photos documenting our family life in the 1990’s.  I never stopped shooting!  

I loved it when digital cameras became available: In 2004, I switched over to a Nikon digital system and never looked back!

At Pacific I discovered a great friend in Jim Flory.  He encouraged me to keep shooting and come by and show him my photos—one of the many benefits of an academic life with friends.  After he blew up a photo of a Cedar Waxwing taken at Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay, I was hooked!  I loved what he did to make the photo jump to life digitally!  He encouraged me to bring him more photos. Thus, we entered into a mentor/friendship which I cherish unto this day!  Jim would give me assignments and we met in his camera-filled office to shoot the breeze and talk about photography. He would critique my photos, show me what could be done and offer assignments and tips.  Several of the photos you see today were edited by Jim. I miss him very much.

My life in music and at Pacific has allowed me to travel extensively.  Through concert tours and sabbaticals I have been able to visit five continents and over 25 countries.  As you can see from the photos, I have enjoyed photographing students, providing publicity materials for the Chamber Singers and the department, taking head shots as needed and documenting the many wonderful choir tours we have been able to take to Europe, Canada, Taiwan and Ireland as well as performing at Carnegie Hall in New York.   I also love photographing what is right in front of us.  I love birds, dogs, animals, insects, flowers, landscapes in this beautiful state we live in, and the many images I’ve discovered through travel.  The world is indeed a beautiful place filled with wonderful people 

I look forward to more travel in the years to come! My wife Leslie and I want to make it to all seven continents.  I also really want to learn Astro-photography and underwater photography!  I intend to keep learning and improving my skills. I also have a love for animals trying to get adopted.  I look forward to working with local animal shelters to help the many incredible animals in these facilities find their “forever homes.”

A reception will be held in the gallery on Thurs., April 4 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024