Tips and Tricks for Using Mail Services

What's the deal with the green slips? And why don't I have one yet? You're probably familiar with the bright green pieces of paper in your mailbox that herald the arrival of a package. The purpose of those slips is twofold.

  1. To alert students and employees that a package is waiting for pickup.
  2. To inform the mailroom whether a package has been picked up or not.

Mail Services keeps signed green slips to double-check if a package has been picked up, or in case we accidentally printed two slips for the same package. Green slips help us avoid any confusion by creating a paper trail to confirm who is in possession of a package.

However, if you sign the green slip before giving it to Mail Services, this creates confusion since the slips are identical to the ones tied to packages that have already been picked up. We know that you're trying to help us save time by signing the slips before you hand them to us, but a signed slip is a picked-up package to us, so please hold off on signing them until you've received your package.

We've also had some inquiries from parents asking why their express packages were received on Saturday but their student isn't able to pick it up. If you have mail that is time-sensitive, please note that we're closed on the weekends. USPS will mark packages as received on the weekends, but Mail Services does not pick them up until Monday morning. Packages that are received over the weekend will generally be available for pickup the following Monday starting around 10 a.m.

Please remember to consider these factors when selecting the arrival date of a package. There is a delay between when packages are received by Mail Services and when they are available for pickup by recipients based on our weekday schedule, and due to the sorting and labeling required of packages before distribution.

Learn more about Mail Services at Pacific University.

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023