Traffic Advisory for Tuesday, Feb. 7: Scheduled March in Hillsboro Could Affect Travel on Highway 8

Students, faculty, staff and visitors at the Hillsboro Campus, and those that travel through Hillsboro, should be aware of a planned march in Hillsboro beginning at 5 p.m. this afternoon that could impact traffic flow on Highway 8 (Tualatin Valley Highway). The march will begin at Shute Park (953 SE Maple Street) and proceed to the Hillsboro Civic Center (150 East Main Street).

The City of Hillsboro has made the following statement in anticipation of the march:

"Organizers plan to march in the city of Hillsboro on Tuesday, February 7, as part of the ongoing dialogue regarding sanctuary cities. Peaceful rallies and protests are an important part of our society, and the city of Hillsboro welcomes those who plan to participate. The city of Hillsboro's Police Department will be present to ensure that everyone involved is afforded their constitutional rights, and to emphasize safety for all community members, including participants, officers, neighbors, and those traveling on our streets and sidewalks.

In preparation for this planned event, participants should keep in mind two important reminders:

  • Participants are expected to not interrupt traffic flow, including TriMet mass transit. Remember, many folks need to get home to care for children and other loved ones.
  • As is always the case, no criminal behavior will be permitted.

Thank you for your help — and please be safe."

The Oregonian reports that more than 300 Facebook users have indicated their plans to participate in the march.

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017