Upcoming Observed Holidays & Pay Documentation

Winter break is right around the corner, and managing time-off on time cards may be at the forefront of your mind. Benefit-eligible employees receive paid holidays, and most university offices typically close on observed holidays as well.

Some offices or departments may require some minimal coverage during holiday periods including winter break. Managers are responsible for determining the staffing needs of their area. Individuals who work during the December break will receive regular pay for the time worked and will be allowed time off at regular pay at an agreed upon time.

New Year's Day Observation

New Year's Day is an observed university holiday. The upcoming Jan. 1 holiday is on a Saturday and will be observed by the university on the following Monday, Jan. 3. 

The university recognizes that some programs may be in session and that classes may be scheduled on Jan. 3. This is determined by each respective school or program. For those staff, faculty, and students who are on-campus on Jan. 3, please be advised that some offices and amenities may be unavailable. 

Staff and faculty who work on Jan. 3 should be provided an opportunity to reschedule the holiday at a convenient time and as approved by their manager.

Documenting Holiday Pay On Your Time Card

Holiday pay for eligible salary monthly employees will be automatically added to their time cards. Eligible hourly bi-weekly employees must submit a time-off request using the holiday pay code for each holiday with the appropriate number of hours. All employees who are uncertain if they receive holiday pay should consult their supervisor(s).

All faculty and staff payroll questions may be directed to Carmen Valenzuela-Burger at carmen@pacificu.edu.

Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021