Update on Nonstop Data Breach

University Informnation Services and Human Resources met with Nonstop Wellness this month to brainstorm and proactively address any fraud related activity as well as to prevent future incidents, due to a winter 2022 data breach.

Pacific University is working diligently behind the scenes to notify agencies and institutions who partner with us of any fraudulent claims we receive. The university is notifying employees when we become aware of any concerns. Cyber security and online fraud is relatively new territory. We value employee data protection and will continue working with Nonstop Wellness on ways to support our employees who have been affected. 

Here are some steps employees can take to protect their information: 

  • If you are notified of a fraudulent unemployment claim, please contact the Unemployment Department to let them know of the fraudulent claim. 503-947-1995 and option 4.
  • If you have not yet signed up for the Nonstop Wellness credit monitoring service they offered through IDX, you can still take advantage of that by calling their Nonstop IDX Call Center at 833-753-6756.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program also offers confidential identity theft services including an ID Breach Scan. You have access to view all resources they provide at https://canopywell.com/Personal-Assistance

Please complete this Google Form if you have questions regarding this matter.

Friday, June 30, 2023