Vision Discomfort or Changes After Watching the Eclipse? Have Your Eyes Examined

Pacific University EyeClinics encourage anyone experiencing eye discomfort or noticeable vision changes in the hours, days and even weeks following Monday's solar eclipse, to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination.

Eye pain, light sensitivity or other noticeable changes to vision can begin immediately, or more commonly, several hours and possibly days after viewing the sun without an appropriate filter such as ISO-approved solar glasses.

Solar retinopathy (damage to the eye's retinal tissue), may occur after viewing the unfiltered sun for just a few seconds, even if the sun is almost but not entirely eclipsed, as it was in most of Oregon on Monday morning. Often times, there are no immediate symptoms or pain associated with retinal damage because retinas do not have pain receptors, says Dr. Lorne Yudcovitch.

Changes to vision or light sensitivity may not be noticeable until the following day or longer, he added. And, depending on the severity of the damage, vision problems may be treatable or permanent, but time is of the essence. Notice any discomfort or impairment in vision, and have your eyes examined as soon as possible, he says.

Those who experience pain or vision difficulty, or are otherwise concerned about their eye health, can schedule a comprehensive examination at Pacific EyeClinic locations in Portland (downtown), Beaverton (The Round), Hillsboro (Health and Education District), Cornelius (Virginia Garcia Wellness Center) and Forest Grove (Pacific University Campus). For more information, including a complete list of EyeClinic appointment phone numbers, please visit

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017