Why Art Matters, Especially in Troubled Times

Being human isn’t easy. Especially now.

A worldwide pandemic has trapped us, polarized us, made us anxious, and altered our routines.

Widespread cries for social justice are raw and powerful, forcing us to reckon with long-buried grievances.

Even our friendships and family ties have been strained by these social pressures, narrowing our ability to connect with others.

What softens these hard edges? What provides inspiration, hope and common ground?

A stirring bit of Mozart. A pear, glowing on a canvas. A grounds-eye view of young Black children riding their bicycles. A song of longing, pitched over an insistent drumbeat.

We may find comfort and a restored sense of wonder in any of these forms of artistic expression. Or all of them.

Artistry is a gift given to many through a talented few. The stories in the Spring 2021 issue of Pacific magazine show how creative expression can flourish in even unlikely places, from digital screens to grassy amphitheaters, to a bombed-out building in the former Yugoslavia. 

These artists, and their works, sparkle even more brightly amid challenging times. We are grateful for their inspiration. 

Friday, April 16, 2021