Work From Home: Children | Wellness Resource Guide

When you have children at home and typically work away from the house, you face new demands when working remotely.

Communicate - Team

These are unprecedented and unpredictable times. Have ongoing communication with your team about viable time frames, availability, and expectations while attempting to work from home.

Categorize Kid-Friendly Tasks

Know what work tasks you are capable of undertaking with children present. Some tasks - like important conference calls or complex writing - may have to be done when children are not present.

Communicate - Family

To remove unnecessary confusion, it is important to communicate what expectations you have for work and quiet time along with also knowing your family's expectations.

Schedule Your Day

Keeping consistency is important for your and your children's wellness. In uncertain times, it's important to focus on controlling that
which you can control.

Go Outside

Nature is a natural de-stresser. Children are not accustomed to living in isolation. Fresh air and outside time, when possible, will be good for you and them.


Regularly remind yourself that this situation is not normal nor permanent. Your co-workers and loved ones will all have different reactions. Accept that you can only control your own actions and reactions.

Friday, April 17, 2020