Work From Home: Supervisor | Wellness Resource Guide

Managing a remote team can bring new challenges and opportunities.


We are in an unusual situation. It's important to lead by example, communicate clearly, set expectations, ask questions, be accessible, and offer flexibility when possible.

Maintain Relationships

Your team is not simply held together by mutual work. There are personal and social dynamics at play. You are leading a group of team members through one of the most uncertain times of your lives. Now is the time to truly strengthen bonds between individuals and as a team.

Check For Essential Equipment

Check-in with your employees to ensure each of them has the equipment needed to perform job functions. If they do not, work on duty adjustments or equipment replacements.

Encourage Transparency

Understand your employees' work at home situation. Work expectations can be best managed when specific environmental aspects are considered. Support honest communication.

Advocate Self-Care

Your employees' wellness is a priority. Everyone is experiencing a unique reaction. Listen. Note behavior changes. Encourage self-care and the use of external resources, if needed.

Use Video

Video can maintain familiarity and team strength. Seeing someone is more powerful than simply hearing a voice.

Friday, April 17, 2020