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Professor Jules Boykoff wrote an opinion piece for Think, talking about the upcoming Olympic Games. 
Haley McKinnon '18 had her work featured on a poetry website. 
LeAnna Nash '09 and Frankie Guros '09 get married after 10 years together. 
Andy Isokpehi
Andy Isokpehi is an international student from Nigeria studying marketing at the College of Business at Pacific University Oregon. As a transfer student, he will only be spending 2 years with us, but during that time he has been active in professional development activities with the COB’s Placement Services, completed a marketing internship, and he plays for the Boxer’s Men’s basketball team.
SLP Clinic patient
Pacific is looking for participants to take part in a program to help individuals with Parkinson’s improve their speech and swallowing. The two-part program starts with individual speech therapy followed by weekly group therapy.
Jennifer Spiering '22 signed volunteers and community members into a local shelter for a dry run.
Josh Oppenheim '19 started a new job at Prism Health.
Brandon Gatke
Following an extensive search, Pacific University welcomes Brandon Gatke as the chief information officer/chief information security officer (CIO/CISO), leading the University Information Services department. He joins Pacific on Dec. 2.
Claire Foster '12 was featured in a podcast about gender identity and living life true to yourself. 
Kitty Jospe MFA '09 had her poetry published online at Zingara Poetry Review.