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Debra Gwartney on how a blending of genres benefits students and faculty alike.
title card for episode 14
Rising from the Margins episode 14 presents Deconstructing the Model Minority Stereotype.
Andrew Dawes and Kevin McGee ‘18 in the laser lab
The Princeton Review hails Pacific for its academics and outstanding faculty.
Kellie Wells considers the mysterious transformation that happens throughout the program.  
Join the faculty and staff writing group. This group meets online one to two times weekly for shared writing time via Zoom.
Scott Hall with campus banner
The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s requirements for college and university operations require that universities close their campuses in order to create healthier learning, working and living spaces for students and employees. Pacific buildings are open to students and employees only. Community members are encouraged to limit time on campus grounds and are required to wear masks on university property.
Dehydration and heat stroke can also occur in a number of different indoor and outdoor circumstances that appear safe. Please familiarize yourself with the symptoms, and take steps to care for yourself and those around you.
Boxer statue in front of fall leaves
In light of COVID-19, we will be doing things a bit differently prior to the beginning of the year. All students will be required to complete an online orientation, and students attending the Forest Grove Campus in person also will need to complete a drive-through check-in process when they first arrive on campus. Please review the following information for returning Forest Grove undergraduate students and complete this checklist.
title card for episode 13
This week's Rising from the Margins conversation centers on the hidden curriculum in higher education that  poor and working class, first generation students attending higher education. Ways to counter such inequities are explored.
Public Health Alert
The FDA has expanded its list of do-not-use hand sanitizers to include those that contain potentially dangerous contaminants. All hand sanitizer bulk ordered for use at Pacific University has been checked against the warning list and is safe for use. However, employees who may have purchased hand sanitizer for their own office or personal use are encouraged to check it against the list.