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Random statistics on a laptop screen
Be informed, not misled. And manage your flow of information.
Laptop and camera on desk
It's important to stay connected to other people. Fortunately, it's easier than ever.   
Vegetables arranged next to each other
Quality nutrition choices support mental and physical wellness.
Empty basket in a grocery store
Giving to others helps them — and you.
Empty bench in a park
Caring for our older loved ones during the Coronavirus situation can add additional stress and concern.
Kathy Cole '81 was hired as the new tribal librarian in Grande Ronde, Ore. 
Brenda Montecalvo '82, OD '85 was featured in a podcast on 
Adam & Jodi Armstrong '14 welcomed their son on April 9, 2020. 
Empty swings in a park
Knowing your children are well can help you be well.
Spinning Tops
What you might do when they say "I'm bored."