News, Media and Stories | Optometry

Professor Graham Erickson wrote an article about sports vision and optimizing visual performance. 
Kennedy Antoniuk '16, OD '19 authored an optometry article about children's eye exams. 
Liandra Jung '20 was a recipient of the 2019 Practice Excellence Scholarship for optometry. 
Professor of Optometry Beth Kinoshita spoke at the American Academy of Optometry 2019 annual meeting. 
Tracy Doll, Professor of Optometry, writes an article about ocular appearance. 
Lincoln Daynes
Lincoln Daynes '81, OD '83 has been helping patients see for 35 years. 
DeAnn Fitzgerald '81
DeAnn Fitzgerald '81, OD '84 has been serving the eye care community for more than 35 years. 
Staci Walters
Staci Walters OD '03 opens a new practice in Viera, Fla. 
Karl Citek was featured in an AARP article about the effects of blue light from your phone. 
Professor emeritus Dr. Hannu Laukkanen recently published an article about neurorehab as a specialty.