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Blake Larson PharmD '14 and colleagues
Blake Larson PharmD ’14 is working his dream job as a clinical pediatric emergency medicine pharmacists at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland.
Congratulations to School of Pharmacy faculty member Marina Suzuki on her recently published book chapter on dyslipidemia in Dyslipidemia: A Clinical Approach from Wolters Kluwer Publications.
School of Pharmacy faculty member Brendan Stamper and undergraduate student Storm Lotomau have received an American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Theraputics Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (ASPET SURF) individual award for the summer of 2018.
Civic Engagement Seminar
The School of Pharmacy hosted our first live continuing education seminar on campus on Saturday, April 7. About 30 of our preceptors, including alumni, attended and received six hours of Oregon Board of Pharmacy-approved continuing education.
The School of Pharmacy congratulates second-year student Tahmeena Raheel for receiving the prestigious 2018 United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award. Tahmeena’s community services and her dedication to public health is outstanding.
Dr. Fawzy Elbarbry has published a new study on the inhibitory effect of quercetin and thymoquinone on the activity of CYP450 enzymes.
Marina Suzuki
Dr. Marina Suzuki to serve as contributor on “Emerging Issues on the Latest Developments in Science and Technology" project.
A new article by Dr. Fawzy Elbarbry has been published the European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics.
Doctor Vireak Chea speaking with patient.
Vireak Chea PharmD '09 left his home in Cambodia at the age of 13, sent by his parents to the United States in hope of a better education and life. Today, after earning his PharmD as part of the Pacific University School of Pharmacy's first class in 2009, Chea is back in Cambodia, hoping to provide healthcare and education where it is most needed.
Tim Frost
The Pacific University School of Pharmacy and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy have been involved in an ongoing implementation of a new regulatory affairs and academia fellowship — the first of its kind. The inaugural fellow is Tim Frost, who shared a bit about his experience in this Q&A.