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Tax forms on a table
Taxes can be tough, especially when you are anxious about an audit. Everyone’s tax needs are different, but anyone can use these tips to get started and get on your way to a refund! 
Happy New Year Bunting
The new year is a great time to reevaluate your priorities, make lifestyle changes and take steps to become the person you want to be. Here are some tips to help make this your best year yet! 
So You Need a Will, Now What?
It's easy to assume writing a will is something you can leave for later in life, but you're never too young to make a plan. We asked Pacific University Trustee and attorney, Matthew Lowe to speak to alumni and friends about how to demystify the process of crafting a will.
So You Need a Budget, Now What?
You might be grappling with how to tackle your student loans. You might be pondering how you can rock retirement. You might be aspiring to buy your first home. No matter your goals, you need to take control of your money before you can reach them. 
So You Want to Buy a House, Now What?
Buying a home is a huge financial commitment but can be incredibly worthwhile if you're prepared. Consider this advice before you fall in love with that house you saw on Zillow. 
So You Want to Rent an Apartment, Now What?
Renting an apartment is typically one of your first big financial commitments. And, as with any major commitment, there are many factors to consider. 
So You Got a Credit Card, Now What?
It's incredibly important to have good credit and build a solid credit history. Use these tips to help manage your credit card and build credit. 
So You Want to Consolidate Your Loans, Now What?
Is loan consolidation the right option for you? Learn more about the process and make an informed decision using the resources provided.
So You Have a Video Interview, Now What?
Video interviews are becoming more common every day. These tips from experienced alumni can help you prepare.
Try out these tips in the workplace once you start your new job to to set a professional tone with co-workers and anyone with whom you wish to grow a professional relationship.