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Jamaica Baldwin MFA '17 interviewed Afua Ansong, an African American poet, for the African Poetry Book Fund. 
In Memoriam: Thomas B. Barry '51
Tia Brown MFA '11 was named an Oishei Leader of Color Fellow.
Nik Streng '13 joined the Idaho Education News staff in November 2020.
Kinsley Hodgson AuD '20 joined Peak ENT and Voice Center in Broomfield, Colo., in September 2020. 
Burhanuddin Shabbir PharmD '20 published "AI in Healthcare: How Open AI’s GPT-3 Can Revolutionize The Landscape Of Medical Information," to Pharmacists Connect on Dec. 7, 2020.
Scott Glabb '84 submitted his book, A Saint in the City: True Stories of Champions Living in the Barrio, to Awesome
In Memoriam: E. Merritt Hulst '67
Alec Lugo '16 was featured on a KBOO radio interview, singing a song written by Ernie Lijoi from his original musical The Pursuit of Happiness.
In Memoriam: Molly "Maureen" (Hitchcock) Krogh '69