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Laura Levy
Laura Anne Chamberlin Levy '46 died peacefully on March 6, 2019 at her home in San Francisco's Miraloma Park. She was 94.
Lisa Merritt Pearson
Lisa Marie Merritt Pearson '85 died in Gilbert, Ariz., on Dec. 6, 2018. 
Ramona Linda Laing '75 of Ramona, Calif., died April 28, 2019.
Marcy Maltby '65 of Portland died June 4, 2019.
Julian Amaya '53, MS '57 of Vancouver, Wash., died April 8, 2019.
Lin-Fa Lee
Lin-Fa Lee '58, passed away June 27, 2019. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago and was living with his son Lawrence near Phoenix when he suffered a stroke.
Dennis Gustafson OD '87 passed away on July 18, 2019 surrounded by his children and grandchildren.
Jack Reeves
Jack Dean Reeves '63 died of natural causes July 17, 2019, in his home in Woodburn, Ore., with family at his side.
Henry Patterson Adams '67, scion of a pioneer California family, died at home on July 12, 2019 of natural causes. Adams was the son of Dr. and Mrs. John Adams of Piedmont, Calif.
Duane Kaneshiro
Duane K. Kaneshiro OD '70, passed away June 8, at Kaiser Hospital in Vacaville, Calif.