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Manuel Castañeda
The Pacific University trustee leads Hillsboro-based PLI Systems, an industry leader and one of the fastest growing Hispanic-owned businesses in the country. He will be honored at Pacific's May Commencement at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 20.
Graduation cap decorated to read Teach the Change You Wish to See
Pacific hosts a morning undergraduate ceremony and afternoon graduate/professional ceremony on Saturday, May 20.
Lee Ann Remington
The alumna and former faculty member will be recognized May 20 at the university’s graduate and professional commencement ceremony, where she also will deliver the keynote address.
This competitive award program honors the contributions made by Dr. Gabelnick during her term as president of Pacific by providing up to $1,000 for projects or programs designed to engage students and faculty in the pursuit of community service and altruism.
The faculty members represent a wide range of programs at Pacific University, many in healthcare fields.
Paul Snell
Dr. Paul Snell, who teaches politics and government in Pacific University's College of Arts & Sciences, was awarded indefinite tenure. 
Independent Trustee Mark Truax ’09 and Undergraduate Faculty Trustee Lorely French began terms in March. Independent Trustees Gary Pacarro ’74, Heidi Nielsen ’96, Chris Tuffli ’84, Amelie Brazelton Aust, Greg Dinges and Jim Baker begin terms in May. 
Dr. Rebecca Schoon, who teaches a broad public health curriculum in Pacific University's College of Arts & Sciences, was awarded indefinite tenure by Pacific University. 
Lalit Khandare
Dr. Lalit Khandare, director of the Master of Social Work program and co-chair of the Claire Argow Social Work Program at Pacific University, has been awarded indefinite tenure.
Marcin Wróblewski
Dr. Marcin Wróblewski, an associate professor in Pacific University's School of Audiology, has been awarded indefinite tenure.