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Vegetables arranged next to each other
Quality nutrition choices support mental and physical wellness.
Empty basket in a grocery store
Giving to others helps them — and you.
Empty bench in a park
Caring for your older loved ones can add stress and concern during a challenging time.
Empty swings in a park
This is a confusing time for all of us, but especially for young people. Consider the words — and tone — you use while discussing the pandemic.
Spinning Tops
What you might do when they say "I'm bored."
Regular physical activity supports wellness in a number of ways.
Flowers in a field
Taking consistent conscious action to de-stress and relax can help improve overall well-being.
Sun setting on the beach
Mental health influences feelings, thoughts, and behavior. It can also greatly affect physical health. Try to take steps every day to care for your mental health and to support the mental health of those around you.
Professor Amber Buhler
Amber Buhler, a Pacific University pharmacy professor, tells a KOIN podcast audience about the origins of quinine, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and why nobody knows yet if they're effective against the novel coronavirus.
The elections for Undergraduate Student Senate and the Hispanic Heritage Student Association are underway. Read about the deadlines and make your vote count!