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Faculty member establishes scholarship to support future business students.
As swim coach Tim Hamlet '06 prepares to move to Virginia, freshman swimmer Janae Sargent shares his story as "one of the lucky ones," who loves what he does.
Sue Mach Pictured
Freshman year experiences at Pacific University introduced Sue Mach to the theatre. In January, the playwright opened two of her original works in Portland.
Life of the Spirit – Young woman reading
At Pacific University, students are looking for — or finding — ways to bring their spiritual practices to life on campus.
World Symbols
Ken Colman ’84 considers himself a “citizen of the world.”
  Pacific University students present Our Town as the spring theatre production.
Pacific University recently affirmed its continued participation in the Beaverton Community Healt
The College of Optometry will host a celebration of life in memory of Dr. Paul Kohl ’80, faculty emeritus, at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23, in the Multipurpose Room in the University Center. All are welcome to attend.
Pacific University's Handball Team returned from the National Collegiate Championships in Tempe, Ariz., as national champions.