Transfer Student Services

The Pacific University Office of Transfer Student Services (OTSS) is open to help all transfer students successfully transition and succeed in their Pacific University experience—and to assist every step of the way towards graduation. In addition, as advocates and representatives for students, the OTSS plays an active role in communicating and working with both internal and external constituencies regarding transfer student issues.


  • Facilitate student success and transition through coordination of services between departments and colleges.
  • Provide academic information and support throughout a student’s time at Pacific.
  • Assist students with acclimating to the Pacific community.
  • Share valuable community and university resources.
  • Provide a student-centered system of advising, communication and support to promote academic success.
  • Provide information for faculty and staff about transfer students and what is needed for successful transition and support.
  • Provide opportunities for students to interact on a social level with their peers and the Pacific community.
  • Provide a lifelong connection to the Boxer traditions as an alumni.

OTSS provides the following online information for:

  • Future transfer students
  • Transfer student advising
  • Office of parent support
  • Current transfer students

Please contact the Office of Transfer Student Services at or at 503-352-3175. The OTSS is located in the Pacific Information Center.