E-Commerce Procedure

Effective: 01/25/17
Related Policy

Marketplace uStore Request

Anyone wishing to establish a store within Pacific’s Marketplace is required to submit a Pacific University Marketplace Application signed by their appropriate Budget Officer. The Business Office will review each request, keeping in mind the needs of each department, and will subsequently approve or deny all applications. If approved, the Business Office will work with departments to set-up an online store as outlined in the Marketplace uStore Implementation Guidelines.

Store Set-up and Maintenance

The Business Office will be responsible for the set-up of all Marketplace stores and users and subsequent changes. Only pre-approved E-Commerce activities will be conducted through Pacific University's Marketplace. Specifically, only the business activity specified on the Pacific University Marketplace Application will be conducted.

Marketplace users are responsible for any modifications to existing stores (addition of new products, services, or product categories, and changes to images, store layout, or general ledger settings, etc.). Changes to user roles can be requested by submitting a Marketplace uStore Update Request Form. Requests will be promptly addressed by the Business Office.

No e-commerce activity will be used for personal gain or in any manner that is deemed unethical. The University reserves the right to define what constitutes "unethical" activity and to determine the appropriateness of E-Commerce activities. Unauthorized use of Pacific University's Marketplace will result in disciplinary action.

Departmental Responsibilities

Prior to being granted Marketplace access, it is required that employees take PCI and Red Flags Rule training. If selling physical merchandise, each department will designate one or more persons, which will be responsible for fulfilling and shipping all orders. Departments are also responsible for tracking and maintaining inventory and reconciling revenues generated through their store on a monthly basis. It may be necessary to reconcile more often dependent on volume.

Every department maintaining a store within Pacific's Marketplace is expected to provide a high level of customer service. The department will designate a contact person or organizational email on their site for any customer inquiries. The following practices should be observed as well: prompt and accurate fulfillment of orders, prompt customer notification regarding any problems or delays in an order, timely acknowledgement of consumer billing complaints, and timely refunding of payments in accordance with the store's refund policy.

Transmission, Storage, and Use of Information

Within Pacific’s Marketplace, only the information necessary to complete the transaction will be collected or stored. Personal identifying information will only be used for the purpose of completing the transaction. It will not be shared with any third party for any purpose unless the customer is explicitly informed and allowed the option to opt-out. All applicable federal and state laws concerning storage, retention, use, release, and destruction of data will be observed. Pacific University Marketplace merchants will not collect or store full card numbers and/or security codes in any form unless entered directly into the E-Commerce webpage by the customer.