2017 Technology Lifecycle Replacement Planning

What We Are Doing

UIS is planning for the annual, UIS-funded replacement of older, high-priority, university-owned computers.

Why Are We Doing It

UIS funds the annual replacement of university owned computers that are deemed to be of high importance and that are considered to be too old to work efficiently and reliably in their current usage.  Effective and efficient use of computer replacement funds requires an accurate inventory and feedback from users and administrators during the planning phase.

Who Is Involved

Multiple members of UIS staff are involved in this project.  Brian King, manager of the Technology Helpdesk, is the manager for this project.  UIS works with contacts in each major division of the university.  Members of the administrative team for each college and VP area are involved as contacts.

Project Timeline

  • • May 9-15: New computer models available for viewing at the Technology Helpdesk (Marsh Lower Level) in Forest Grove.
    • May 11-15: New computer models available for viewing at the HPIS office (Creighton Hall 211) in Hillsboro.
    • May 15: Last day to make any changes to the computer ordering plan.
    • July-August: UIS deploys new computers.
    • October-December: UIS deploys in stock replacements (aka “Bumpdowns”).

Replacement Strategy

As funds allow, UIS will attempt to replace every computer that is four or more years old that is in one of the high-priority for replacement usage categories.  These are categories where an older computer is likely to have a strong negative impact.  Given our level of funding this year we are concentrating on replacing employee primary workstations.

UIS only provides funding to replace existing computers with a “base” model.  The base model is a model configured by UIS to be able to meet the needs of most users and most uses.  Higher end models are available, but departments requesting these machines must pay the cost difference between the higher end model and the base model from their own funds.  Departments may also pay to have machines replaced that are not funded by UIS for replacement.

UIS selects standard configurations, both base and high end, to meet all anticipated needs from users.  Utilizing a select number of standard configurations allows UIS to standardize on these machines and allows for more efficient deployment and support.  Thus, UIS strongly discourages ordering of machines that depart from our standard configurations.  This is only allowed when special circumstances demand a special machine and require a discussion between the area’s purchasing contact and UIS.

UIS has a no-growth policy for computers, which dictates that when a new computer is purchased an old computer must be returned to UIS.  Exceptions are made for position growth (new computers purchased for new employee positions) and grant funded research machines (however, please note that grant funded research machines are not funded by UIS for lifecycle replacement).  The purpose of this policy is to manage the number of computers that UIS has to support and to manage the number of old computers in use at Pacific.

For more information on UIS computer purchasing and replacement policies, see the Technology and Information Services Purchasing Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my computer going to be upgraded?

Review our list of asset tags and their current status for replacement this summer (requires PUnet login).  Please note that the replacement status of your computer may change based on updated inventory information or decisions made by the purchasing contact for your area.

What if I want to change what I get?

Consult with your manager or with the contact for your area.

Can I see the new computers that are available?

UIS will have examples of new computers available for you to look at starting in early May  Check back here or look for an announcement in the employee newsletter for more details.

Can I keep my old computer?

No. UIS has a no-growth policy for computers that says that when we give you a new computer we must take back your old computer. Your older computer (after being wiped) will be put into stock to fulfill requests for used in-stock (aka "bumpdown") computers in October.

An old computer I use or manage isn’t being upgraded, do I have any other options?

If this is the primary computer you use for your work and it is 4 years old or older, then there may be an error in our inventory database.  Let your manager or the contact for your area know right away if you think this is the case. 

If your computer is not in the class of computers being funded for replacement this year, you have two options:

  • You can request replacement with an in-stock computer (aka a “bumpdown”). In October, UIS evaluates all in-stock computers requests, compares it with returned computers, and replaces any computer that we can replace with a newer used computer.
  • If departmental funds exist, you can request a new computer replacement to be paid from departmental funds. Contact your manager or the contact for your area to request this.

Can I refuse to get a new computer?

Typically, no.  UIS wants to replace every high-priority category computer in its fourth year for the following reasons:

  • Older computers, especially in heavily used situations, increase the support burden for UIS.
  • Older computers may pose a security risk due to older operating systems or unencrypted hard drives.
  • UIS depends on a steady stream of used-but-still-good computers coming back to fulfill requests for in-stock replacements (aka “bumpdowns”) for older non-funded computers.

If you have a special reason that your computer should not be replaced this year, let your manager or the contact for your area know.  Such requests should be discussed with UIS before new computers are ordered for the year.